Biological Depression

Biological depression is thought to be triggered by changes in the body with no contribution from external events. Read on to see if this is entirely possible.

Periods of stress or trauma – a result of events such as losing a job or a loved one – are the most commonly cited triggers for the onset of depression in individuals. These result in feelings of frustration, fatigue, and a general lack of motivation in everyday life. Over prolonged periods, these feelings can have a crippling effect on an individual’s life.

However, melancholic or biological depression is a type of depression which is said to be caused without any external trigger whatsoever. But as research on depression is becoming more advanced, scientists are rethinking this type of depression because of the apparent absence of a causative agent.

As it is, it is possible for some individuals to be more prone to depression without experiencing any trauma. Every facet of our behavior is controlled by the balance of chemicals and hormones present in our body. Any deviations in the normal levels of these chemicals could lead to a physiological change in us which, in theory, may lead to biological depression. Individuals with medical conditions which can cause these deviations are therefore more prone to depression than those without. Abnormal production of the thyroid hormones is one example where any traumatic event will only supplement an existing condition. Menopause is also a completely biological event, and it has the ability to put a woman at a greater risk for depression.

Other scientists believe that the way our body responds to the loss of a loved one, or during periods of stress, is also due to the changes in the levels of our body’s hormones. In these cases, the external trigger is important in causing the biological change which may make an individual prone to depression. Hence, to say that these events in our life have no bearing on our mental health is a statement that may not have any scientific basis.

Whether the feelings of depression in an individual are caused by external events or purely biological ones, the behavior induced is not healthy, and steps should be taken to prevent their escalation. If you or a loved one feels symptoms of depression, contact your healthcare provider immediately for treatment options.

By: Jourdan Rombough